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Buy Rhode Island fake ID

About: Rhode Island is no stranger to housing some drinkers, but it’s far from being a heavily drinking state. Only about 17.9% of the adult population here tends to drink excessively, which makes it under the national average. Rhode Island fake ID

Available options: Driver’s license and state identification.

Printing Material: We use improved tamper-resistant printing material for this id card to ensure the bending test is flawless.

Validity: 4-5 years.

Template in use: The DMV issued a new design for the identification cards of this state. Select “Rhode Island (NEW)” for the newer look or “Rhode Island (OLD)” for the previous one in the state list of our order form.

Security Replications:

  • A duplicate ghost image of the license holder is present at the lower right.
  • The Illustrations of a bridge, clouds, seagulls, sailboat, and lighthouse in complex blue, red, and silvery tones comes in the background of the card.
  • The optically variable holographic patterns of the state seal, name, an anchor, and stars are present and change the visibility when viewed under different angles.
  • The state seal overlaps the original portrait of the cardholder along with the state name “RHODE ISLAND.”
  • Particular areas of the card glow under ultraviolet light and are in UV ink.
  • The backside of the old license has microprinting. It comes with multiple duplicate photos of the original cardholder’s photo on the right side.

Scannable Features:

  • The back of the card comes with an illustration of the state name, inventory control number, one and two-dimensional barcodes which contain the necessary license information to pass it on to the scanning and reading devices.


Not every bar in Rhode Island will serve you drinks without a valid ID in hand, but there are some exceptions.

  1. BreakTime Bowl & Bar in Pawtucket: An ideal place to start. It’s a bowling place that also has some drinks for you to enjoy between games. This also makes it surprisingly easy to pass a fake ID at.
  2. The Malted Barley in Westerly: It’s a bar that has great atmosphere and staff along with exceptional drinks. Fakes don’t get much resistance here either.


Some bars in Little Rhody can be ruthless with their carding policies. Here is a small sample of some of them.

  1. Trinity Brewhouse in Providence: A likely bet for scrutinous ID checks. It is a local bar that serves classic bar food along with locally made beers.
  2. Knickerbocker Café in Westerly: It is a concert venue that also serves drinks. It’s a great place to spend your evening but only if you bring an ID along.

Drinking Laws in Rhode Island: Rhode Island’s drinking laws aren’t much different from anywhere else. If you are under 21, you can’t buy or consume alcohol unless under parental supervision. Using fake IDs is illegal, and businesses have the right to seize your fakes if they catch them.


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