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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe buying a fake ID online ?

Yes it is safe to buy a fake ID online from www.fakeidinuk.co.uk We take safety to heart and therefore consider discrete mailing and drop off without signature as important as it could be.In this way all packages are mailed is a discrete box so that they do not carry any labels on them and also register for a drop off without signature so that you do not need to sign for the package in order to get them hence your name nevers goes documentated even if fit is just for record purposes as they always say

Do you accept Card Payments ?

No we do not accept card payments. We guarantee 100% safety to all our customers and card payments are not safe since payment goes through your card and therefore bank and this means that if we do accept cards then the transaction will appear on your bank statement as payment for fake IDs or novelty documents unless payment is done mannually through our off-shore payment gatway with WorldRemit and SendWave.

How long before i get my package ?

Our shipping policy has been divided into two which are whether you are ordering within the UK or out of the UK. We ship to all 04 Nations of the United Kingdom and all 50 US states and we can either send via regular mail which takes two days for delivery time or overnight it via express mail although this will cost a little more. Also, if you are out of the UK or any other parts of the world then delivery time is usually within 3-5 days.

Can i use your documents to travel ?

All our IDs and other documents go through scannable test right from our facility before going out to the market. We have grades of documents from those that can only pass the eye test. to those in the government databases and able to go through all airport secirity checks. FAQs on Fake Id

Can i come pick up ?

No you can’t pick up. Note that our safety and success all these years has soley been dependent on us being anonymous. We therefore do not have a known physical location to anybody and do not keep any records of our customers. You can therefore deal with us with peace of mind knowing your name never goes into any form of record documents. FAQs on Fake Id

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